February 2, 2016

Sometimes I need to download some scientific papers, but I can only download them from the University. That’s one of the reasons why Universities should provide internet proxies for the staff/students. Fortunately, University of São Paulo (I am a graduate student there) does provide one.

While setting proxy configurations in Firefox is pretty straight forward, switching these configurations on/off may get a little boring if you need to constantly do it.

Since I could not find an add-on which could provide me a button or hotkey to perform that task, I wrote noturno: an add-on to turn your proxy configurations on/off.

noturno just adds a button on the top right corner of your browser: whenever the button is grey, the proxy configurations are off (Firefox default), if it is green, the proxy configurations are on.

noturno is Free Software, licensed under the GPLv3.


source code: http://github.com/athos-ribeiro/noturno

Note that this is just a simple script written in JS, in the future I intend to give better support to android and handle multiple proxy configurations. For now, it is enough to help me download my papers :)


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