October 2, 2017

Since the end of June, I have been logging some of the activities I perform in the Fedora project. I say some, because it is hard to log every thing you do inside the community (e.g.: does patching a project upstream count as Fedora activity?).

Essentially, the logs contain packaging activity. I will try to post these logs in this blog often. In this post I will aggregate all the past logs I have, which were not posted anywhere else.

Note that the logs contain quite raw notes I keep for myself, to track what I have been doing, so sometimes they will be tougth to go through. I will always (try to) post notes before the logs to summarize my past month’s activities.

(End of) June Fedora Work Log

In June, I started logging my activities, at that time, I was already working on packaging hugo, so most of my work was focused in packaging golang stuff.

During that month I was also mentoring my Google Summer of Code student. We had meetings 2 or 3 times a week during the whole program, but those activities were not logged here.

Here are my raw notes:


  • Attended LATAM meeting


  • BZ#1426972 comments. Asking go-toml maintainer to update his package so I can update go-i18n, which is needed for hugo
  • Tried building golang-github-fortytw2-leaktest, which fails for aarch64. This is possibly due to a race condition, which needs investigation. Note that I observed the same problem with f27 build, but triggering it again, solved the problem, which leads to the thought of a possible race condition.


  • Pushed new python-pysmell release to stable (f26)
  • Built go-i18n 1.8.0 in rawhide
  • Built go-i18n 1.8.0 in f26
  • Pushed go-i18n 1.8.0.f26 to bodhi
  • Checked if go-i18n is ready for 1.8.1. It is ready, but we will build hugo before updating it.
  • built hugo 0.24 from scratch (FAILED - i18n 1.8.0 not available yet)
  • built hugo 0.24 from scratch (FAILED - ?)
  • evaluated david’s gsoc
  • Built go-i18n 1.8.1 in rawhide
  • Built go-i18n 1.8.1 in f26
  • Pushed go-i18n 1.8.1.f26 to bodhi


  • Debugged hugo FTBFS problem: we need a viper update (asked Jan for the update)


  • Jan updated Viper. Trying to build Hugo:
    --- FAIL: TestCaseInsensitiveConfigurationVariations (0.03s)
    Error Trace:	testhelpers_test.go:42
    Error:		Should be true
    Messages:	File no match for
      "«Hi»" in
      Page Title: Side 1
      Site Title: Nynorsk title
      Site Lang Mood: Happy
      Page Colors: red|heavenly
      Site Colors: green|yellow
      <h1 id="hi:434afb409ba6fbd13baef4901f143bd8">&quot;Hi&quot;</h1>
      Shortcode Page: red|heavenly
      Shortcode Site: green|yellow
      Partial Page: red|heavenly
      Partial Site: green|yellow
  • The problem is with “«Hi»", // angled quotes. Tried to change locale on specfile before tests.
  • mmark or blackfriday might be the cause angled quotes are not working
  • rolled back both mmark and blackfriday to rawhide versions, tests still pass locally

July Fedora Work Log

Still working on packaging hugo. nirik asked someone to package python-fontmake in Fedora and I started working on it a couple months ago. There were some follow-ups on some of the review requests I submitted, as noted below.

During July I was also mentoring my Google Summer of Code student. We had meetings 2 or 3 times a week during the whole program, but those activities were not logged here.

Here are my raw notes:


  • Took 5 golang package review requests golang-github-cznic-zappy golang-github-cznic-lldb golang-github-cznic-ql syncthing syncthing-inotify


  • Completed golang-github-cznic-zappy review


  • Tried building golang-github-cznic-lldb for the review. zappy isn’t available in my mirrors yet.
  • Uploaded and built python-compreffor
  • fix python-epub requires and BR to use python2-* in rawhide and epel


  • Reviewed BZ#1465881 golang-github-cznic-lexer
  • python-webm: use python2 dependencies
  • python-webm: Add a python2 subpackage
  • Update python-glyphsLib review request
  • update python-fontmake review request


  • Update glyphsLib for the review request
  • Opened (merged) PR in glyphsLib upstream
  • Commented on Hugo review request, asking for help


  • pushed python-compreffor to f26 stable


  • Request branch for python-glyphsLib
  • the clipper lib embedded in python-pyclipper is packaged in fedora under polyclipping and polyclipping-devel – the version embedded is 6.2.1 – the version in Fedora is 6.2.0 – the last released version is 6.4.2 – all of them have different SOVER numbers – Actions needed: — update pyclipper to use the latest polyclipper version — update pyclipper to allow SO use — update polyclipping in Fedora
  • Built python-glyphLib for rawhide and f26
  • Remove embedded libraries from python-pyclipper


  • Commented in Hugo review request. We are almost there :)


  • Finished reviewing golang-github-cznic-lex


  • pushed python-epub to epel7 stable


  • First input on 1465885-golang-github-cznic-golex review
  • Pushed python-glyphsLib to stable


  • First input on 1465885-golang-github-cznic-ql review


  • finish golang-github-cznic-ql review
  • Tried to updated hugo to new version on review request we need golang.org/x/image/webp packaged

August Fedora Work Log

  • Still working on packaging hugo.
  • Got more follow-ups on the review for python-fontmake, which I have been preparing to include in Fedora for a while now.
  • I have been reviewing a few golang packages, most of them are dependencies for syncthing, which were finally included in Fedora this month \o/

During August, I was also mentoring my Google Summer of Code student. We had meetings 2 or 3 times a week during the whole program, but those activities were not logged here. The program ended in the end of the month, and David’s work can be seen through the links in our GSoC pages

This month, Pagure substituted pkgDB. I had some troubles with some of my repositories in the begining, but the infra team was always there to support everyone having problems related to the migration, the guys did an excellent job there. Live long, pagure :)

Here are my ray notes:


  • x/text/encoding/charmap EncodeRune method is needed to package x/image, from commit 65f4f820a7954b82e5c9325e1e088a4fda098f36
  • opened review request for golang/org/x/images
  • russross/blackfriday also needs an upgrade so we have blackfriday.EXTENSION_JOIN_LINES (added in commit 3ffe8c7f6b8f7e2026a2aee3477fb63fc33b33ff)


  • 1st review on syncthing


  • approved syncthing review


  • New hugo release in f090c2711cc6ddf8fedfb6c70424972682cfe534
  • we need to substitute bep/inflect for markbates/inflect
  • need to package jdkato/prose
    • needs jdkato/syllables
    • needs shogo82148/go-shuffle
    • needs montanaflynn/stats
  • updated spec to hugo 0.26
  • packaged shogo82148/go-shuffle - BZ#1480717
  • packaged montanaflynn/stats - BZ#1480739
  • packaged jdkato/syllables - BZ#1480750
  • packaged jdkato/prose - BZ#1480762
  • updated hugo SPEC



  • Requested golang github jdkato/syllables repository
  • Built jdkato/syllables in rawhide
  • Opened an issue against the ‘helping had’ badge
  • x/image still does not build after updating x/text
  • opened a bug upstream (x/image) for the failing tests on s390x and ppc64le
  • closed BZ#1480969 as a dup of the x/image review request


  • Worked on fixing x/image package under review
  • started the review for koko (a golang package)


  • Requested golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle repository
  • Requested golang-github-montanaflynn-stats repository
  • Requested golang-github-markbates-inflect repository
  • Fixed x/image package for review
  • could not push golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle to pagure repo - bug reported
  • Requested golang-github-golang-image repository
  • Built golang-github-montanaflynn-stats in rawhide
  • Built golang-github-markbates-inflect in rawhide
  • Built golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle in rawhide


  • commented on python-pyclipper review request
  • Showed some code to pyclipper upstream proposing a de-bundled install option
  • approved sycthing-inotify review
  • Submitted neurosnap/sentences for review
  • updated sources for jdkato/prose


  • built x/image on rawhide


  • Updated python-compreffor version
  • added python-compreffor to anytia
  • Updated python-cu2qu version
  • Updated python-cu2qu in f26
  • added python-cu2qu to anytia
  • Updated python-ufo2ft review


  • Worked on David’s GSoC Final submission
  • Requested python-ufo2ft repository


  • built python-ufo2ft in rawhide


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