October 2, 2017

  • Hugo review is finally over. It is already in rawhide and I will try to push it to f27 before the final release is out. Thanks for everyone that helped with all the (never ending) reviews.
  • Joined the x86 SIG and built the kernel applying a specific patch on it to make sure a specific bug was fixed.

Here are my raw notes:



  • Reviewed golang-github-golang-sync package
  • Reviewed golang-github-billziss-gh-cgofuse


  • Joined FESCo meeting to discuss the approval of the x86 SIG


  • Helped the x86 SIG to solve a kernel building problem – Applied an upstream patch and built the kernel in COPR for i686


  • sent an email the x86 SIG about the kernel building problem
  • Added my name to the x86 SIG group
  • Requested the golang-github-neurosnap-sentences rawhide repository


  • Built golang-github-neurosnap-sentences in rawhide
  • fixed issues on golang-github-jdkato-prose review request (sent a patch upstream)


  • Requested golang-github-jdkato-prose repository
  • Requested python-setuptools_scm_git_archive repository
  • Built golang-github-jdkato-prose in rawhide
  • Built python-setuptools_scm_git_archive in rawhide
  • Sent a PR to update golang-github-russross-blackfriday package in rawhide for Hugo


  • chaired latam meeting
  • Hugo review was approved.
  • requested branches for rawhide, f27 and f26
  • built hugo for rawhide
  • Requested the following repositories in both f27 and f26:
    • golang-github-jdkato-syllables
    • golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle
    • golang-github-montanaflynn-stats
    • golang-github-markbates-inflect
    • golang-github-golang-image
    • golang-github-neurosnap-sentences
    • golang-github-jdkato-prose
    • hugo
  • Built golang-github-jdkato-syllables for f26 (f27 was already built)
  • Sent update for golang-github-jdkato-syllables for f26
  • Built golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle for f27
  • sent update for golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle for f27
  • Built golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle for f26
  • sent update for golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle for f26
  • Built golang-github-montanaflynn-stats for f27
  • Built golang-github-montanaflynn-stats for f26
  • Built golang-github-markbates-inflect for f27
  • Built golang-github-markbates-inflect for f26
  • Sent update for golang-github-montanaflynn-stats for f27
  • Sent update for golang-github-montanaflynn-stats for f26
  • Built golang-github-golang-image for f27
  • Sent an update for golang-github-markbates-inflect for f27
  • Sent an update for golang-github-markbates-inflect for f26
  • Built golang-github-neurosnap-sentences for f27
  • Built golang-github-neurosnap-sentences for f26
  • Sent an update for golang-github-golang-image for f27
  • Sent and update for golang-github-neurosnap-sentences for f27
  • Sent and update for golang-github-neurosnap-sentences for f26


  • Updated go-i18n in rawhide
  • Built go-i18n for f27
  • Updated rubygem-chake in rawhide
  • Updated rubygem-chake to comply with new ruby packaging guidelines
  • Reverted the changes from chake (above) since it requires a git repo
  • Started python-xappy review process
  • Started cverna packager sponsoring process


  • pushed golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle to f27 stable
  • pushed golang-github-montanaflynn-stats to f27 stable
  • pushed golang-github-markbates-inflect to f27 stable
  • pushed golang-github-golang-image to f27 stable
  • pushed golang-github-neurosnap-sentences to f27 stable
  • Commented on cverna review request


  • Chaired latam meeting


  • Pushed golang-github-shogo82148-go-shuffle to f26 stable
  • Pushed golang-github-montanaflynn-stats to f26 stable
  • Pushed golang-github-markbates-inflect to f26 stable
  • Pushed golang-github-neurosnap-sentences to f26 stable
  • Pushed golang-github-jdkato-syllables to f26 stable
  • Requested pushing go-i18n to stable


  • Commented on cverna review request


  • Chaired latam meeting


  • Built golang-github-jdako-prose for f27
  • Sent and update for golang-github-jdako-prose for f27
  • Built golang-github-jdako-prose for f26
  • Sent and update for golang-github-jdako-prose for f26


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