November 6, 2017

This is a list of the activities I have performed as a Fedora Project contributor in October, 2017. The most time consuming task was related to hugo maintenance: we finally got hugo packaged in Fedora >= 27 on its latest version. I decided not to package it into Fedora 26 and under, since Fedora 27 is almost out and providing a f26 package would require a lot of extra work.

Here is a list with all the activities:

Packaging Activities

New Packages Included in Fedora

  • golang-github-danwakefield-fnmatch
  • golang-github-dlclark-regexp2
  • golang-github-gorilla-css
  • golang-github-andybalholm-cascadia
  • golang-github-PuerkitoBio-goquery
  • douceur
  • golang-github-alecthomas-chroma

New Package Review Requests Performed:

  • golang-github-Jeffail-gabs
  • libnitrokey

Packages Updated

  • hugo-0.30.2 in rawhide and f27
  • flawfinder-2.0.4 in rawhide and f27
  • python-firehose-0.5 in rawhide and f27
  • golang-github-golang-image in f26
  • python-fontMath in rawhide and f27
  • python-compreffor in rawhide and f27
  • python-defcon in rawhide and f27
  • python-mutatormath in rawhide
  • golang-github-jdako-prose in f27 and f26

Adoptions and co-maintainership

  • Adopted rats (it was orphan)
  • Adopted flawfinder (previous maintainer needed help with it)
  • Added as a co-maintainer of python-firehose


I have checked monitoring status for all my packages in release-monitoring, they are all being monitored now. I also included python-firehose to the monitored projects, since I now co-maintain this package.

fortytw2/leaktest issues

golang-github-fortytw2-leaktest FTBFS. I realized there is a test failing in aarch64 and opened an issue upstream. I still owe them a follow up (ENOTIME atm).

pyclipper issues

This review request is still going on. This month I have assessed the bundled libraries issue and sent a pull request upstream to update the bundled library upstream. I still need to investigate some warnings thrown by GCC when compiling from sources. Any help is welcome.


After realizing I would still need to put some effort into getting hugo ready for Fedora 26, I gave up building it there, since Fedora 27 is almost out. If anyone still needs hugo in Fedora 26, consider using Fedora 27 packages or contact me.

Meetings attended

I chaired all the October LATAM ambassadors meetings. I will try to keep attending those, since the quorum seems to have declined lately.


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Athos Ribeiro, Software Engineer, contributor at the Fedora Project


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