November 15, 2017

Last weekend I attended the first Linux Developer Conference Brazil at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). It was an event focused on the upstream development of low level components related to Linux, such as gcc, systemtap and the Linux kernel itself. The event was organized by a few contributors of some of these upstream projects, like the kernel, and was sponsored by companies that work directly with it (among them were openSUSE and Collabora).

Linux Developer Conference Brazil was held in a single day and in a single room: the number of atendees was low (I would guess we were around 100 people) if we only look at the absolute number of people present and compare it with other software related conferences, but make no mistakes, this was such an unique event where a considerable part of the atendees had some (or a lot of) experience with kernel development. Instead of describing the sessions, I invite you to check them yourself, since all the sessions were recorded and are available in the event page (in Portuguese).

First part of the day

In the end of the day, we went to a great bar in Campinas where we had a few local craft beers.

For the future, the event organizers intend to make it bigger (and better, if that is even possible) and include tracks in english, to make this conference part of the internetional cycle of conferences about Linux development. If you are in Brazil and you are interested in the kernel development, this seems to be a must go conference for you! I really hope theey can make the next editions as great as this first one!


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Athos Ribeiro, Software Engineer, contributor at the Fedora Project


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