July 3, 2016

Fedora 24 RP SP

About one month ago I decided to become a Fedora Ambassador in LATAM. I did so in order to get closer to the local community through events and meetings and also help promoting Fedora around since for some reason I really do not know a lot of people who use Fedora among local GNU/Linux communities.

We have a Telegram group for the Brazilian Fedora community and someone joked about having a Release Party here in São Paulo, since Porto Alegre is also having one. All of a sudden Ricardo Martinelli offered a room at the Red Hat office for the Release Party and things just started happening. Daniela Morais Created a Facebook event for it and we ended up having 40+ people RSVPing and 120+ showing interest in the event. Of course the Red Hat office room we reserved had phisical limits, so we set a limit on 36 people for this Party. Does it mean we need a bigger room for F25?

RH office

We started the event with Daniela and I talking about Fedora, Fedora 24 new features and how to contribute to the project. Note that both Daniela and I just became ambassadors, and this was our very first personal contact with the community[1].

Daniela talking @ f24 RP SP

After that, Marcos Sungaila really impressed me with all his knowledge and awesome presentation on Flatpak. I believe everybody enjoyed his presentation as much as I did and we now have at least 24 more people in the world who understand what Flatpak is. Oh, he also had this nice Master Yoda T-shirt!

Marcos on Flatpak

By the way, Flatpak is not Flatpack! ;)


Lunch 1 Lunch 2 Lunch 3

Continuing our day, Daniel Bruno and Ricardo Martinelli talked about Fedora Cloud, Docker and OpenShift. There were a lot of questions on how we could use OpenStack with Fedora and the differences between Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud, which Ricardo happily explained. Daniel was not in São Paulo and the infrastructure provided by Ricardo was quite handy on helping us having Daniel talking (remotely).

Ricardo on Cloud

Davi de Souza closed the day with a presentation on how he is learning Python by helping the Python SIG porting packages from Python 2 to Python 3. I can’t wait to get my Fedora <3 Python T-shirt!

Davi on Python porting

We spent a few more minutes in the room talking about how great the whole thing was and how we must keep organizing events to promote Free Software in the area.

Davi telling some story

Check the wiki page of this Release Party for more information and other posts on it!

[1] I actually met Itamar in Porto Alegre last year when I started the process to become a packager.


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